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Een applicatieservice is een service die geautomatiseerd gedrag blootstelt aan de omgeving.


BeschrijvingHet raadplegen en beheren van definities van gegevens.
Externe informatiehttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meta-data_management



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Meta-data Management involves storing information about other information. With different types of media being used references to the location of the data can allow management of diverse repositories.

URLs, images, video etc. may be referenced from a triples table of object, attribute and value.

With different knowledge domains the boundaries of the meta data for each must be managed since any general ontology is not of use to experts in one field whose language is knowledge-domain specific.

If you are in the process of making of BI/DW solution, managing the Meta data is very important. In such a project, you would typically appoint a Metadata manager. This is a person that will be responsible for the Metadata strategy, and for the implementation of this. A Metadata manager is not somebody who will need to know everything about the BI/DW solution, But will be the person who have the overall responsibility. Managing the Metadata in a BI/DW solution is an important step of the Metadata strategy. It is part of the strategy to make sure that at any given point in time, the Metadata is complete, current and correct. And it is about making sure that users of the BI/DW are aware of the possibilities and how to use these possibilities in the BI/DW. It is very important to monitor the Metadata, constantly making sure that the BI/DW solutions provides data that corresponds with the at the time given business requirements.

(bron: Wikipedia)



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