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Een infrastructuurservice is een extern waarneembare en voor de omgeving betekenisvolle eenheid van functionaliteit, aangeboden door een of meer nodes en aan de omgeving blootgesteld via eenduidige koppelvlakken.


BeschrijvingHet dynamisch opbouwen van een gebruikersinterface (dynamische content).



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Web applicatie serverRealiseertContentgeneratie

A dynamic web page is a hypertext document rendered to a World Wide Web user presenting content that has been customized or actualized for each individual viewing or rendition or that continually updates information as the page is displayed to the user.

Classical web page design using only HTML or XHTML, provides static content, meaning that a page retrieved by different users at different times is always the same, in the same form.

However, a web page can also provide a live user experience. Content (text, images, form fields, etc.) on a web page can change, in response to different contexts or conditions. In dynamic sites page content and page layout are created separately. The content is retrieved from a database and is placed on a web page only when needed or asked. The benefit of this is that it allows for quicker page loading and it allows just about anyone, with limited or no web design experience, to update their own website via an administrative tool. This set-up is ideal for those who wish to make frequent changes to their websites including text and image updates, e.g. e-commerce.

(bron: Wikipedia)



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